Tarn Mott

Designer | Builder | Fabricator

I've been building and creating things for as long as I can remember and spent half a lifetime learning new skills and integrating them into the projects I'm involved with. I've been designing and building custom bicycle frames and components for the last 14 years, the process has really refined both my fabrication and design skills.

Coffee has always been part of my life, from helping my dad make his stove top brew in the morning to working in cafes and refining my skills with the bean. After moving from Sydney (where my coffee addiction was easy to appease) to Wollongong (where I really didn’t know what the coffee scene was like), I decided to buy my first quality coffee machine.

After a year I knew I needed (wanted) a better machine but finances wouldn't allow it. I figured I have a workshop full of tools and the skills to use them, lets have a go at building one, the rest is history. Every machine I build is built with passion and dedication.

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