Cold Drip Coffee Machines

One shot will never be enough

Cold Drip Coffee

Cold drip is the process of extracting coffee by running ice cold water over course ground coffee grinds in a controlled 'drip by drip' manner. Forty drops per min create a very clean, smooth beverage, that can be kept in the fridge for a prolonged time.

Tip. Pour a small amount of cold milk over a shot of cold drip for an amazing ice coffee experience.

I'd been watching the cold drip style emerge for a while and I thought it was just another coffee fad. A customer gave me some cold drip he brewed and after a few glasses I was hooked. One weekend I decided it was time to build some cold drip brewers, 3 for the café (4M Espresso) and of course one for me. I'm a serious convert now, I drink more cold drip than I do espresso.